House Rules

Available Books for Character Creation:

  • Player’s Handbook
  • Forgotten Realms: Campaign Setting
  • Player’s Guide to Faerûn

Notes on Character Creation:

  • You must choose a region from the Player’s Guide
  • You do not get Common, Common does not exist
  • Ability Scores are purchased via Point Buy System from the Dungeon Master’s Guide page 169.
  • You have 44 points to purchase abilities.
  • Characters will be starting at level 5.
    • Starting gold at 5th level is 9,000. (DMG pg 135)
    • Max hit points for first level. All levels after that are three quarters hit points, round up.
  • No prestige classes are allowed at starting.
  • Please sure you create your character via Hero Forge or let me copy it.

Character Death

  • Death happens. I am not out to get your character.
  • If your character dies, you start at the average level of the party minus one. (Unless you were doing some stupid or intentional excluding sacrificing yourself for others. If this is the case, see character replacement rules.)
  • You start at max gold for your level. (DMG pg 135)

Character Replacement

  • This is if you do not want to continue playing the same character.
  • You start at the average level of the party minus two.
  • You start at 75% max gold for your level.


  • You must be present to get experience.
  • Experience will be determined by your character level versus the challenge rating divided by the number of party members. This will help characters who fall behind to catch up.
  • Roleplaying experience will be determined by the individual’s roleplaying. Everyone will get a little roleplaying experience as long as the participate. (This means you IsaSquishy. No playing on your android for the whole game.)
  • If you are falling behind in experience because you could not make a session, you can go on a side quest. Just give me a write up, and I will reward experience depending on how much effort you put into your adventure.

House Rules

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